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  Reference guide  

PathTest provides up-to-date detailed information on every test that Mater Pathology can perform. By using the search function you can quickly view test-specific information including Medicare status and collection requirements.

  Non-Blood Bank Samples  

Each sample must be identified with patient’s full name and one other identifier – date of birth or UR number. The same two identifiers must be present on the accompanying request form.

  Blood Bank Samples  

Each sample must be identified with patient’s full name, first name and date of birth. In addition, the sample must bear the signature of the collector and date and time of collection. The details must be handwritten - pre-printed labels are not acceptable. The same identifiers, collection date and time and collector signature must be present on the accompanying standard request form and separate transfusion request form.
CodeNameAlternate NameUpdated
CorturUrine Free Cortisol Random UrineCortur16/03/2018 View 
COR24RUrine free cortisol - 24 Hour UrineUrine free cortisol16/03/2018 View 
FluconFluconazoleFluconazole14/03/2018 View 
MiscbiAmpicillinAmpicillin14/03/2018 View 
17OHPrHydroxy (17) progesteroneHydroxy (17) Progesterone Progesterone, 17-hydrox12/03/2018 View 
DHEASDehydroepiandrosterone sulphateDehydroepiandrosterone sulphate12/03/2018 View 
AndrorAndrostenedioneAndrostenedione12/03/2018 View 
E2OestradiolOestradiol12/03/2018 View 
TestoTestosterone Testosterone12/03/2018 View 
GADDiabetes Autoimmune PanelGlutamic Acid Decarboxylase antibodies12/03/2018 View 
RRVAbRoss River virus antibodyRoss River Virus serology05/03/2018 View 
BforBarmah Forest antibodiesBarmah Forest antibodies05/03/2018 View 
IGHImmunoglobulin gene rearrangementIgH PCR01/03/2018 View 
TryptTryptaseTryptase23/02/2018 View 
DNABBaNon Invasive Pre Natal RhD Genotyping of the FetusFree Fetal DNA RhD22/02/2018 View 

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