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  Reference guide  

PathTest provides up-to-date detailed information on every test that Mater Pathology can perform. By using the search function you can quickly view test-specific information including Medicare status and collection requirements.

  Non-Blood Bank Samples  

Each sample must be identified with patient’s full name and one other identifier – date of birth or UR number. The same two identifiers must be present on the accompanying request form.

  Blood Bank Samples  

Each sample must be identified with patient’s full name, first name and date of birth. In addition, the sample must bear the signature of the collector and date and time of collection. The details must be handwritten - pre-printed labels are not acceptable. The same identifiers, collection date and time and collector signature must be present on the accompanying standard request form and separate transfusion request form.
CodeNameAlternate NameUpdated
ZnRBCZinc - red cellRed Cell Zinc (NOT ZPP)25/09/2018 View 
MerresMercury - BloodMerres25/09/2018 View 
ManManganeseManganese25/09/2018 View 
LeadrLeadLead - blood25/09/2018 View 
CUCopper - serumCopper25/09/2018 View 
ArsresArsenicArsenic25/09/2018 View 
CobaltCobaltCobalt25/09/2018 View 
CdrCadmium - bloodCadmium - blood25/09/2018 View 
ChroChromium (Blood)Chro25/09/2018 View 
CMVPCRCMV PCR (Tissue)CMV PCR (Tissue)24/09/2018 View 
RCURenal calculus - urineRenal calculus urine18/09/2018 View 
HLYTICHaemolytic screenHaemolytic screen18/09/2018 View 
NCXXBacterial antbodiesAntibody response to Bacterial Antigens18/09/2018 View 
miscbiFabry Disease Beta Hexosminadase18/09/2018 View 
imiscBoma virus antibodyBoma Virus Antibodies18/09/2018 View 
imiscHantavirus antibodyHantavirus serology18/09/2018 View 
TNAPaternity testingDNA Paternity Testing17/09/2018 View 
Multivon Willebrand factor multimersVon Willebrand multimers17/09/2018 View 
F8Studvon Willebrand disease screenVon Willebrand Disease screen (includes Blood Grou17/09/2018 View 
TBquanTB quantiferon testQuantiferon TB Test13/09/2018 View 
TpmrThiopurine methyl transferaseThiopurine Methyl Transferase13/09/2018 View 
IgaAbIgA antibodiesIgA antibodies13/09/2018 View 
IuIodine - urineIodine13/09/2018 View 
UBE3ASAngelman Syndrome - UBE3A Gene SequencingUBE3AM, UBE3AS12/09/2018 View 
TCRRT cell receptor-gamma gene rearrangementT cell PCR12/09/2018 View 
T922Bcr-Abl PCRCML PCR12/09/2018 View 
SPINATFriedrich's ataxiaFriedrich's Ataxia12/09/2018 View 
SpinatSpinocerebellar ataxia gene testingSpinocerebellar Ataxia Gene Testing12/09/2018 View 
SMNSMA type 1SMA Type 112/09/2018 View 
SHOXSHOX Gene AnalysisSHOX12/09/2018 View 
SCN1ASCN1ASevere Myotonic Epilepsy of Infants12/09/2018 View 
Rb1GenRetinoblastoma mutation testingRetinoblastoma DNA12/09/2018 View 
PTH202Prothrombin gene mutation (G20210A)Pt gene mutation12/09/2018 View 
P1NPProcollagen type I N propeptideP1NP12/09/2018 View 
OTCOTC mutation testingOTC Mutation Testing12/09/2018 View 
NGSCARNGS Cardiac PanelCardiomyopathy Panel12/09/2018 View 
NGSNext Generation SequencingNGS12/09/2018 View 
MyDyGAMyotonic dystrophyMyotonic Dystrophy12/09/2018 View 
MTHFRMethylenetetrahydrofolate reductaseMethylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase12/09/2018 View 
mthalThalassaemia molecular studiesAlpha-Thalassaemia Molecular Studies12/09/2018 View 
mtDNAMitochondrial DNA (VCGS only)mtDNA12/09/2018 View 
MLPAMS-MLPA for Prader-Willi / Angelman SyndromeMLPA12/09/2018 View 
MitoDNMitochondrial Point Mutations (Blood or Hair)Mitochondrial Point Mutations12/09/2018 View 
MECP2SRetts syndromeRetts syndrome12/09/2018 View 
MCCMaternal Cell Contamination StudiesMCC12/09/2018 View 
McADMCAD DNA studiesMCAD DNA Studies12/09/2018 View 
MC4RMelanocortin 4 Receptor Gene AnalysisMC4R12/09/2018 View 
MC2RACTH receptor genotypingACTH Receptor Genotyping12/09/2018 View 
MB27HLA B27HLA B2712/09/2018 View 
LHONLHONLHON12/09/2018 View 
LCHADLCHAD mutation detectionLCHAD mutation detection12/09/2018 View 
JAK2JAK2 PCRJAK2 V617F Activating Mutation12/09/2018 View 
IGHImmunoglobulin gene rearrangementIgH PCR12/09/2018 View 
Hyd1Congenital adrenal hyperplasia mutation testingDNA Adrenal Hyperplasia12/09/2018 View 
HUNTHuntington's diseaseHuntington's Disease12/09/2018 View 
HFIHFI genotypeHFI Genotype 12/09/2018 View 
HFEHaemachromatosis genotypingHaemochromatosis genotyping12/09/2018 View 
GCKGlucokinase genotypingMaturity Onset Diabetes of the Young 212/09/2018 View 
FVLFactor V Leiden gene testingFactor V Leiden12/09/2018 View 
FRGX Fragile XFragile X (q27)12/09/2018 View 
FGFRGFGFR2 geneFGFR2 Gene12/09/2018 View 
EBDNAEpidermolysis bullosa (EB) DNA studiesEB DNA studies12/09/2018 View 
DMDDNABecker muscular dystrophy mutation testingBecker Muscular Dystrophy Mutation Testing12/09/2018 View 
DmddnaDuchenne muscular dystrophy mutation testingDuchenne Muscular Dystrophy Mutation testing12/09/2018 View 
DAZDAZ geneDAZ Gene12/09/2018 View 
CYSTFICystic Fibrosis DNA studiesCystic Fibrosis DNA studies12/09/2018 View 
CharcoCMT geneCMT Gene12/09/2018 View 
CYSTFI, CFSEQCystic Fibrosis - full genotypeCF Full Genotype / Mutations12/09/2018 View 
CFPolyCystic Fibrosis Poly-T AnalysisCFPoly12/09/2018 View 
BWSBeckwith Wiedemann SyndromeBWS12/09/2018 View 
ArdgaConnexin 26Connexion 2612/09/2018 View 
ApoednApo E - DNA studiesApo E - DNA Studies12/09/2018 View 
And1Androgen receptor genotypingAndrogen Receptor Genotyping12/09/2018 View 
ADSLAdenylosuccinate Lyase Deficiency StudiesADSL12/09/2018 View 
ACAD9ACYL-CoA Dehyrdogenase Family, Member9ACAD912/09/2018 View 
ABCA3ABCA3ABCA312/09/2018 View 
XM1Cross matchCross Match12/09/2018 View 
TxTransfusion reaction investigationsHaemolytic Transfusion Reaction Investigations12/09/2018 View 
TcryptT CryptantigenT Cryptantigen12/09/2018 View 
QuantAntibody quantitationAntibody Quant12/09/2018 View 
GSBlood groupBlood group and antibodies12/09/2018 View 
GSAntibody screenAntibody Screen12/09/2018 View 
DNABBaBlood Group GenotypingDNABBa12/09/2018 View 
DATDirect antiglobulin testDirect Antiglobulin Test12/09/2018 View 
CordbCord Blood Group & DATCord Blood Group & Coombs12/09/2018 View 
CAGGSCold agglutininsCold agglutinins12/09/2018 View 
DisoDisopyramideDisopyramide12/09/2018 View 
FungiCryptococcusCryptococcus culture12/09/2018 View 
ElecAnion gapAnion Gap12/09/2018 View 
MISCYellow Fever AntibodyYellow Fever Serology12/09/2018 View 
DFTThyroid releasing hormone testThyroid Releasing Hormone test12/09/2018 View 
DFTSynacthen stimulation testSynacthen Stimulation Test12/09/2018 View 
ZnrZinc - urineZinc (urine)10/09/2018 View 
miscbiSilverAg10/09/2018 View 
ThresThallium - whole bloodThallium (whole blood)10/09/2018 View 
MiscbiThallium - urineThallium (urine)10/09/2018 View 
MiscBiNickelNickel10/09/2018 View 
LeaduLead - urineLead - 24hr urine10/09/2018 View 
MiscbiChromium (Urine)Chromium (Urine)10/09/2018 View 
CdUCadmium - urineCadmium - urine10/09/2018 View 
Bis24Bismuth 24 hour UrineBis2410/09/2018 View 
BisBBismuth (Whole Blood)BisB10/09/2018 View 
BisUBismuth - Random UrineBismuth10/09/2018 View 
AntimoAntimonyAntimony10/09/2018 View 
ArsuArsenic - urineArsenic - urine10/09/2018 View 
EsrErythrocyte sedimentation rateErythrocyte Sedimentation Rate04/09/2018 View 
F13Factor XIIIFactor XIII04/09/2018 View 
EchisEchisEchis04/09/2018 View 
CotinCotinineCotinine03/09/2018 View 
EBVBSAEpstein Barr Virus PCR (Blood)Epstein Barr Virus PCR (Blood)31/08/2018 View 
Igfbp3IGF BP3IGF BP330/08/2018 View 
IGFIIGF IIGF I30/08/2018 View 
HcysrHomocysteine -Total Total plasma homocysteine30/08/2018 View 
GHGrowth hormoneGrowth Hormone30/08/2018 View 
CPEPC-PeptideC-Peptide30/08/2018 View 
TSHbiiThyrotropin binding inhibiting immunoglobin indexThyrotropin Binding Inhibiting Immunoglobin Index30/08/2018 View 
ThyabThyroid antibodiesAnti-Thyroid Microsomal Antibody30/08/2018 View 
leptLeptinLeptin27/08/2018 View 

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