Test Code: Hcysr Preferred Name Homocysteine -Total

Twice / week
1 week
Non-medicare Item

Test Tubes

ImageSpecimen TypeSpecimen VolumeTube Type
Blood (adult)3 mLSST with gel 8.5 mL (Dark Yellow Top)
Blood (paediatric)1 mL2x SST with gel 600 uL Paed (Red or Yellow top)
Blood (neonatal)1 mL2x SST with gel 600 uL Paed (Red or Yellow top)


Patient can be fasting but are not required too.
****Record fasting status on request form.****

Sample should be centrifuged as soon as possible after clotting. The sample should be centrifuged BEFORE it leaves an external collection centre and kept cold before and during transport to the laboratory. Specimen should be tranpsorted to the laboratory on a cold pack and in a BLUE priority specimen bag.


APPLICATION:  Diagnosis of homocystinuria and monitoring treatment. Investigation of risk factors for early onset cerebral and coronary atherosclerosis.

INTERPRETATION:  Homocystinuria is associated with arterial thrombosis, mental retardation and a marfinoid habitus; plasma levels of homocysteine are increased.
Slightly elevated levels are associated with an increased incidence of cerebral and coronary thrombosis, particularly in relatively young adults.  Some of these patients, but not all, are heterozygous for homocystinuria.

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