Test Code: Multi Preferred Name von Willebrand factor multimers

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Test Tubes

ImageSpecimen TypeSpecimen VolumeTube Type
Blood (AAdult)10.8 mL4 x Sodium Citrate 2.7ml (Solid Pale Blue Top)


Usually requested with vWF screen.  
Specimens must be stored at room temperature and transported to Laboratory ASAP. (Maximum delay to testing laboratory must not exceed 3hrs)


vWF screen should also be requested. Multimeric analysis aids in the identification of structural abnormalities of VWF particularly Type II, which is characterised by the lack of large VWF multimers in plasma. Large multimers contain most of the biological function.

NOTE: This test is only performed as additional confirmation for von Willebrands disease. Diagnosis for von Willebrands disease can be made from other coagulation tests. Specimens are stringently screened before testing to stop unnecessary analysis. If in doubt whether you should test a sample, consult a Haematology consultant or registrar.The Royal Brisbane will only process if the following is provided:WV/PFA/Platelet aggregation results/Clinical notes/DDAVP treatment on current sample and historical results. A sample with normal results and with normal previous history will be referred to a Haematologist. Additionally, there should be no recent Plasma/Platelet transfusions.

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