Test Code: Metsc Preferred Name Metabolic screen - urine

By arrange
3 days
Medicare Item with conditions - see General notes

Test Tubes

ImageSpecimen TypeSpecimen VolumeTube Type
and Urine50 mLUrine 70 mL sterile container (yellow top)
Concentrated urine is most useful, thus a first morning sample should be collected. No preservatives are required.

Urine – Optimum volume 15 mL. Minimum volume 3 mL.

Metsc will change to become the following tests and items (22/01/2018)
Metu 66500 $9.70
Muco 0261IN $50.00
Orgacq 1102IN $85.00
UAA 66756 $98.30

Values at 100% MBS rates

APPLICATION: Screening test for suspected inborn error of metabolism. Please also consider requesting for plasma metabolic screen. If an urgent metabolic screen is required, please contact a Chemical Pathologist.

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