Test Code: Xaorg Preferred Name Orgaran

2 hours
As required
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Test Tubes

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Anti-Xa levels should be collected 4 hours post dose or anytime on continuous infusion. Specimens must be stored at room temperature and transported to the Lab ASAP. Maximum delay to testing laboratory must not exceed 1hr.
2 mL Vacuette tubes should not be used for antiXa assays. The increased air space in the tube causes increased activation of the platelets and their subsequent release of platelet factor 4 results in neutralisation of the heparin. This can lead to an underestimation of the anti Xa level.
Please ask the patient what anticoagulants they are on and the dose, record on request form. Another name for Orgaran is Danaparoid.


Haematology staff will receive samples from CSR and ring Princess Alexandra Coagulation on 3176 2394 to tell them a taxi is coming with an urgent Orgaran. Ensure that they are able to do this test immediately. Please give the Coagulation Scientist at PA our Haematology phone number so that they can ring as soon as the result is complete. They can fax the results to 31638752( CSR fax). Record name of staff member in PA Coagulation in Kestral specimen notes.Ask CSR to organise an urgent taxi.

Pack unspun citrates in an esky at room temperature and label with:
ATT: Coagulation Lab (insert staff members name): urgent sample from Mater for Orgaran:
Pathology Department
Level 1 Building 1, Ipswich Road
Contact Tel: 3176 2394

Orgaran: 0.5 – 0.8 anti-Xa IU/mL (continuous infusion).
0.15 – 0.35 anti-Xa IU/mL (subcutaneous (prophylactic) 4 hour peak level)
N.B. Orgaran accumulates in renal failure and dosage adjustment may be required.

See procedure Coags-041 in document management system.

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