Test Code: HbEPP Preferred Name Haemoglobin electrophoresis

By phone request only
1 week
Medicare Item

Test Tubes

ImageSpecimen TypeSpecimen VolumeTube Type
Blood (adult) 2 x 3 mL2x EDTA 3 mL whole blood (Lavender top)
Blood (paediatric)500 µL2x EDTA 500 uL Microtainer (Lavender Top)


2 x EDTA required, 1 x EDTA for Haem the 2nd EDTA is for Molecular Haem

Note any familial history of thalassaemia if known.
Please write this information clearly on the request form, including name of partner (antenatal only).
For thalassaemia screen - the specimen must be pre-transfusion.


If required urgently please contact  haematology.
Hb electrophoresis should not be requested when iron deficient, as defined by a low s-ferritin or a "normal" s-ferritin in the presence of an acute/chronic illness, is present, as "false normal" Hb electrophoresis results may be obtained. The test is also of limited value in babies up to ~9 months of age, as HbF may still make up a significant proportion of the total amount of haemoglobin in these patients. A microcytic, hypochromic red cell picture accompanied by a high or high-normal red cell count may be an indication for a Hb electrophoresis test. - See also "Kleihauer test". FBC and HbEPP will be performed.

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