Test Code: GliadA Preferred Name Gliadin antibodies

Once per w
1 week
Medicare Item

Test Tubes

ImageSpecimen TypeSpecimen VolumeTube Type
Blood (adult)5 mLSST with gel 8.5 mL (Dark Yellow Top)
Blood (paediatric)1 mL2x SST with gel 600 uL Paed (Red or Yellow top)


Requests for 'Coeliac Screening' will be tested for anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies- IgG


APPLICATION:  Gliadin antibodies are of limited application in diagnosis of coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis and are used for follow up of dietary restriction and challenge.

Tissue transglutaminase antibodies (Endomysial antibodies) are more specific for the diagnosis of coeliac disease.
INTERPRETATION:  A positive result for either IgG antibodies to gliadin is found in up to 10% of the normal population.

The diagnosis of coeliac disease should not be made on the basis of these antibodies alone.

A positive result forIgG gliadin antibodies should be followed up by a small intestinal biopsy if clinical suspicion is high.

REFERENCE:  Wong R., et al. Pathology 2003; 35: 285-304

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