Test Code: HEINZ Preferred Name HEINZ BODIES

45 mins
As required
4 hours
Medicare Item

Test Tubes

ImageSpecimen TypeSpecimen VolumeTube Type
Blood (adult)3 mLEDTA 3 mL whole blood (Lavender top)
Blood (neonatal)500 µLEDTA 500 uL Microtainer (Lavender Top)


Reticulocytes and Heinz body testing is performed on the FBC specimen.


FBC and retics cannot be performed on clotted specimens.
FBC profile consists of: Haemoglobin, White Cell Count, WBC Differential, Red Cell Count, Mean Corpusular Volume, Haematocrit,and Platelet Count
If blood film review is required, a film must be requested
A sepsis score is performed routinely on all FBC requests on neonates from Mater Mothers and Mater Redlands hospitals.
The finding of Heinz Bodies in the blood is a sign of oxidative haemolysis. This is most commonly seen in neonates, with chemical poisoning or drug intoxication, G6PD deficiency or in the presence of an unstable haemoglobin eg. Hb Koln

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