Test Code: Urbrt Preferred Name Urea breath test

1 weekday
Medicare Item

Test Tubes

ImageSpecimen TypeSpecimen VolumeTube Type
SpecialSpecial container - contact laboratory


This test must be booked with the Collection Centre prior to attendance. Information regarding pre-test criteria will be provided at this time.

This test should not be performed on children under 12 years, and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Substitute the Helicobacter Pylori Faecal Antigen test for children and pregnant/breastfeeding women.

For non-pregnant adult patients, arrange urea breath test with the Specimen Collection Centre. These tests need to be booked in advance.  It is preferable that this test is not performed on weekends.

Patient must fast overnight - no food or fluids (including water) - for at least 6 hours prior to test.
Refer to Patient Information - Urea Breath Test (PI-008) for other pre-test requirements, including medications to be withheld prior to testing.


APPLICATION:  A non-invasive method for the detection of gastric Helicobacter pylori infection, especially to monitor efficacy of therapy.

INTERPRETATION:  Rapid hydrolysis of urea indicates the presence of urea-splitting micro-organisms in the stomach.

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