Test Code: Poliab Preferred Name Polio virus antibody

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Not available in Australia for immune status testing following vaccination. Please see General notes below and the Medical Microbiologist on-call can be contacted if further clarification is required.

1. Please contact the Medical Microbiologist on 3163 7809 if requesting polio serology.

2. Polio serology is not used for the evaluation of immune status.

3. The diagnostic test of choice is viral culture performed on two faeces specimens collected 24 - 48 hours apart within 14 days of onset of paralysis. These specimens are sent to the WHO Polio Reference Laboratory in Melbourne. Polio if suspected is notifiable on provisional grounds to public health.

4. In October 2000 Australia was declared free of circulating wild polio virus by WHO.  The last case of paralytic polio due to wild virus infection occured in 1972.

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